Monday, January 29, 2018

TTAC at the Movies: ‘Bullitt’

Finally something that makes sense on TTAC.
TTAC at the Movies: ‘Bullitt’
By Jack Baruth on January 23, 2018

It’s odd to consider, but in a world where Steve McQueen had never lived I’d be about three dozen serious injuries better off than I am today. Scratch that. I don’t need him to have never lived. I just need him to have not supported the production of “On Any Sunday.”
That film romanticizes the Elsinore GP, which in turn led me to enter the Elsinore GP, which led me to break my leg training for the Elsinore GP, which led me to record a big fat DNS for the Elsinore GP. Worse than that, however, the opening sequence of “On Any Sunday” is commonly understood to be the catalyst for the sport of bicycle motocross, which has treated me worse than Ike Turner treated Tina.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Gran Turismo 4 Music - Gran Turismo 4 Default Race Playlist

How Elon Musk and Other Self-Driving Idiots Threaten to Deprive Humanity of Most Positive Activity

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (read: chick-SENT-me-high), expert on flow states and optimal experience and author of Flow and Finding Flow, inter alia, says that driving a car is one of the most enjoyable activities that humans will ever do and one that often produces flow and optimal experience.

Here are some quotes from the latter book to back the point:

Driving a car ... is a surprisingly positive part of life. While neutral in terms of happiness and motivation, it requires skill and concentration, and some people experience flow more often when driving than in any other part of their lives.

For many people, driving a car gives the most consistent sense of freedom and control; they call it their "thinking machine" because while driving they can concentrate on their problems without interruptions, and resolve emotional conflicts in the protective cocoon of their personal vehicle.

Driving a car. That driving is one of the most enjoyable experiences in many people's lives was suggested by one of our ESM studies (Csikszentmihalyi and LeFevre 1989); a more in-depth ESM study sponsored by Nissan USA revealed many unanticipated details, some of which are reported throughout this volume.

Driving a car is so good for us because it requires skills perfected to automation, concentration and other states of the mind conducive to generating optimal experience while at the same time banishing boredom, anxiety and psychic entropy.

Now, if Elon Musk and other proponents of self-driving cars have their way, where will we be?! 

We will be deprived of all that flow and optimal experience (which is hard to come by in most people's lives) and instead will be thrust into doing nothing while the car drives which will at best lead to passive consumption of redundant information from the car entertainment system and at worst to boredom, anxiety, panic attacks and other manifestations of psychic entropy usually descending on an unoccupied mind.

Thanks, Elon!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Into 2018 with a 2008 1.6L Duratec

Here comes good sailing into 2018 with a 2008 1.6L Duratec 16v engine aka Zetec-SE moving a 3-door Ford Focus.

10 years but only 60.000 km on the clock.

Reliable (so far) but thirsty, especially in city driving.