Tuesday, February 16, 2016 in Moscow: UAZ Announces Re-Start of UAZ Hunter Production

This AvtoZilla blog, my occasional auto blog, is also your source of automotive news from Russia never more than a couple of weeks old as isn't the following something syndicated from my car-spotting blog.

The UAZ factory announced on February 10, 2016 that it was re-starting the production of the UAZ Hunter offroader based on the legendary UAZ-469 military / utility vehicle (announcement in Russian).

The reason given for the re-start of production (after it was ended a couple of years ago, I think) is that the vehicle is still much in demand.

The UAZ Hunter is (will be) available in three models, including two special series - Trophy and Victory Series.

Hunter Classic

Hunter Trophy

And Hunter Victory Series

The UAZ-469 was the first car to reach the top of the Elbrus Mountain.

Photo credit: UAZ in Moscow: UAZ Announces Re-Start of UAZ Hunter Production: Another bit of automotive news in Russia from last week. The UAZ factory announced on February 10, 2016 that it was re-starting the pro...

Datsun mi-Do Special "International" Edition

Last week's news today.

On February 9, 2016, Datsun announced in Russia a special limited International edition of the Datsun mi-Do hatchback (here is the announcement in Russian on their Russia website). "International" here means the name of the edition, not that it would be available internationally.

The edition is limited to 400 units.

The Datsun mi-Do is a rebadged version of the last-gen Lada Kalina.
I think Lada Granta- and Lada Kalina-based Datsuns are gaining in popularity here in Russia.

Picture credit: Datsun in Moscow: Datsun mi-Do Special "International" Edition: Last week's news today. On February 9, 2016, Datsun announced in Russia a special limited International edition of the Datsun mi-Do ...

Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 Ford Focus RS - Normal Mode

TTAC Death Watch

Signs are TTAC, aka The Truth (no less) About Cars, is on its death bed or on the last leg of its journey to the bottom of online obscurity which is the same thing (that is if it ever was out of it).

Writers and even managing directors editors and various senior contributors seem to abandon it first chance they get so it is mainly staffed (if staffed is the word) with moonlighting wanna-be auto expert hacks, with only one or two notable exceptions (well, maybe three or four). 

Also, witness the erratic behavior by its chief whoever called Mark Stevenson or something in the past month or so.

Oops, TTAC is NOT Hiring. I'll Do the Job

Ends up hiring some hack called Steph Willems (this after first announcing the job would go to one of the TTAC readers, as above, and then claiming he would do it himself).

Stealing Videos from Volkswagen - I mean did he think the emission-scandal-hit VW had too much on their hands and wouldn't notice?

Taking a holiday at the start of a working week. Going for a drive. Allegedly. Hardly, if past history of truthfulness is anything to go by. 

And of course there is his introduction as managing director which even today -- after multiple edits for spelling and factual mistakes and stuff -- reads like a contrived Aesopian fable leading nowhere after much beating about the bush (which particular bush that bush is and where is also a good question).

Not to mention the fact that none of his "improvements" or "changes" hinted at or vaguely referred to in that piece have come to pass at TTAC since.

Mark Stevenson himself is the alumnus of a minor Death Watch -- that of Suzuki in Canada which he correctly predicted -- Suzuki died (who wouldn't?) in Canada.

Now, I am going to predict the long overdue death of TTAC... or at very least the demise of Mark Stevenson as its managing editor.

EDIT 21.02.2016
Having been missing in electronic print at TTAC for a week Stevenson returns today with a questionably headlined post:

VIDEO: Dykes Reviews the New 2016 Chevrolet Volt, and You Should Watch It

Didn't the Bertel Schmitt "Dykes" debacle teach them not to mention "dykes"?

Small SUV Crashopalooza: Detroit Loses, Dykes Win

EDIT 23.03.2016

We do Texas in Every Which way and Throw a Party yo!!.. No We Don't Do it, We're Too Sick After all, Each of us Has got Issues, Cue Sad Trombone

Btw, you don't do Texas, Texas does you, sickos.

EDIT 17.04.2016

Another hit by Mark Stevenson hate baiting TTAC commentariat (and probably most of the contributors as well).

Are Volkswagen Fanboys the Most Anti-Semitic Car Enthusiasts?

But there is a reader revolt backlash going on already... because apparently TTAC readers are more sensible than their writers, Mark Stevenson in particular, who unfortunately happens to be the boss there.

Also note how this latest fiasco fits the pattern of Mark Stevenson having some kind of thing going re: VW.

EDIT: 2016 06 22.
Doug De Muro, Steve Lang are all gone.
Murilee and others are but rarely there.
The whole TTAC is now Stevenson's bedfellow and Steph Willems show with cute titles but it is redeemed somewhat by Jack B. and Bark M.

EDIT: 2017 03 02
Bark M appears to have parted ways with ttac. for now.

EDIT: 2017 08 04
As predicted by me not so long ago, having almost run TTAC into the ground, Mark Stevenson is finally given the kick that's been long overdue.

Goodbye and Hello

Also, it appears TTAC is genuinely in disarray; oh those pesky Canooks, Vertical Scope... the destroyers of many a good website and forum.

The RS Anthem

Sunday, February 7, 2016

LAT - Bicycling arsonists in Berlin target Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches

No VWs for this gang: Bicycling arsonists in Berlin target Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches 

A gang of about 50 masked left-wing extremists on bicycles torched or trashed nearly 50 luxury cars over the weekend in attacks to protest gentrification of the once-low-rent districts near the center of the German capital.
The attacks just after midnight on Saturday and Sunday mornings caused an estimated $1.1 million in damage and left behind the smoldering remains of 48 Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches. Some of the masked attackers smashed the windows of the cars; others threw plastic containers with flammable materials through the broken windows.

Mustang crash at cars and coffee Dallas tx 2/6/16

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Demise of Scion Is Harbinger of Things to Come

There is more to the demise of Toyota's youthful Scion brand in the U.S. than meets the eye. 
Scion's death is actually a harbinger of portentous things to come... momentous things like a forthcoming revolution and probably an all-out civil war in the United States for the redistribution of that nation's wealth which has been progressively usurped in the hands of the very few.
America is real angry once again.
If you don't believe me read the following piece.

So why is the Official Toyota Brand of McMansion Owners soaring while the Official Toyota Brand of Dubstep Aficionados crashes? Blame Obama.

All Fords RS - Historic RS Poster

Get yours here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No more Scion! Scion Brand to Transition to Toyota

Scion Brand to Transition to Toyota

TORRANCE, Calif., Feb. 3, 2016―Scion, established as a separate brand in
2003 as a laboratory to explore new products and processes to attract
youth customers, is now transitioning back to the Toyota brand. Scion
achieved its goals of developing unique products and processes, and
bringing in new, younger customers to Toyota. With more than a million
cars sold, 70 percent of Scions were purchased by customers new to
Toyota and 50 percent were under 35 years old.