This is a blog with pictures and bad (and getting worse over time) writing about cars, roads and everything automotive, including all other transportation assets and means beside cars, that is, all things that pollute the environment and destroy the animal-, plant- and human habitat but at least give us freedom of movement, a (sliding) roof over our heads, peace and quiet, nice stereo, opportunity to travel and make observations from (relative) safety of our vehicles, whilst focusing on my immediate environment here in Russia but also going beyond on the wings of untethered thought.

I am also aiming to aggregate interesting stuff that I come across on the Internet on the theme of cars, vehicles in general, automotive matters, travel, health etc. It'll be easy for me to do as I am a serial reader of certain car-related blogs, Internet publications and twitter accounts.

I will say upfront that, while I am interested in cars and own and drive a car myself, I am not an engineer, not a car expert, not a racer, don't work on my cars myself but am just interested in cars as, what used to be called, a layman, i.e. everyman.

I prefer to look at cars from the outside or from the inside as a driver or passenger (I find car interiors fascinating) but certainly not to look too much (if at all) under the hood or at other engineering systems in the car.


April 2015
Edited: October 4, 2015
Edited: February 22, 2016