Sunday, January 8, 2017

Legend of The Drunken Master FULL MOVIE 1994 (Jackie Chan)

Movie of the night.

Car Stories: Zaporozhets ZAZ Cars

Here is another of my car stories, and the story is based on a couple of posts from my car spotting blog.

In fact, this time it's not just a story but a pictorial history of the ZAZ car - Zaporozhets, based on my pictures.

All Zaporozhets cars, except the very last one called Tavria and its variations, were small rear-engined, rear wheel drive cars, air-cooled.

1960 ZAZ 965, 1960-69, the first Zaporozhets (Zaporozhets is a local version of the Cossack in the Ukraine).

It's claimed as a ZAZ 965 and the fascia certainly corresponds.

Unusual color, though.

1962 ZAZ 965A, 1962-69

For some reason they are missing the side moldings like on this one.