Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Hitch-Hiker - 1953 Film Noir

Here is my selection of a car-themed movie for tonight.

The Thievery of Youtube

Wojcicki's Youtube sits on about $150 of the money that I already earned when my channel was previously monetized but does not pay up, and hasn't paid up for over 6 months already, claiming that my channel contains "re-used content", which I dispute, and any way it does not indicate in which videos on my channel such content is.

The result of which crafty classification is that Youtube doesn't pay me because my channel is not currently monetized. That's very clever! And I guess they pull the same trick on a lot of other people.
At the same time, previously my channel was monetized with the same content no problem, and as recently as 6 months ago.
And the basic fact remains - the money owed to me by Youtube hasn't been paid in over six months already!

And I guess they pull the same trick on a lot of other people, probably stealing billions.

 Portrait of a brazen crapitalist thief as dumb as she is criminal.



Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dim sum and dim wit

 Dim sum and dimwit in the oval office.... according to one James Woods )))