Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Car Stories: ZiM GAZ-12

Today's car story on this blog is the story of the ZiM-12. 

From one of my other blogs, VreMax, where I reported on this car exhibition that I visited a year ago - in August of 2014.  

A ZiM GAZ12 limousine seen at that car exhibition.

Also known as GAZ-12, GAZ-12 ZiM, ZiM-12 or just ZiM, the ZiM GAZ-12 was a Soviet limousine produced by the Gorky Automotive Plant from 1948 till 1960. 

It was neither a copy of, nor based on, any other contemporary car, contrary to what wikipedia claims, although certain exterior design elements characteristic of the large American passenger cars of the period may be observed here but such similarities are superficial and the 1948 ZiM GAZ-12 may actually predate some of the cars "appointed" to be its inspiration or even source for copying.

Also, in some ways, the ZiM GAZ-12 was a pioneer, in particular, it was the world's first unibody (aka frameless) limousine with three rows of seats. 

The ZiM GAZ-12 was meant not only to serve government officials but in keeping with proletarian ideals served the people as a taxi and an ambulance and was offered and sold for private ownership too, although only successful writers, scientists or actors could really afford one at the time. 

Later as ZiM GAZ-12 government cars were retired and/or replaced with Chaika or ZiL limousines, some of them eventually trickled into private ownership that way.

In all 21,527 ZiM cars were built.

Behind it are actually the two Chaikas - GAZ-13 and GAZ-14 - that replaced it.

ZiM GAZ-12 test drive [in Russian]

Period pictures of the ZiM GAZ-12

Two-tone paint scheme (cost extra)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jasper Carrott - Funky Moped (totp2)

Saturday sucks, so why not spend the morning listening to Blue Funky Moped!

And there's Wrighty (?) in there too. Not sure if it's a bonus (or, more likely, a malus).

And here is a photo of a blue funky moped from my collection (...collection of photos not mopeds, you get?).

It's steaming with foonk!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Branson Falls Off Bike

Virgin's Branson falls off his bike in a major - and bone-shattering - accident but survives well. 

BBC News - Sir Richard Branson 'thought he would die' in bike crash 

He is lovin' it!

Speedy recover to you.

Racer X by Kenneth Li

Kenneth Li has achieved something no-one will ever be able to repeat.

Penning one magazine article he achieved more than others could do with a full library of tomes. 

The article dealt with the then new thing of souped-up imports racing in America and provided inspiration to make the first Fast & Furious movie and consequently to launch the franchise which is still going strong a couple decades later.

There is only a small number of films that were based on magazine articles, and of course FF cannot happen over again, so Ken Li's rep is now and forever secure.

The article titled Racer X is even included as bonus materials on some editions of the FF DVDs so you can read it on your TV screen as I did and that is also how I become aware of it.

Here is the seminal article in question and I am quoting it in its entirety.

Estevez leads a new generation of fearless young racers burning up New York’s streets and racetracks in their tricked-out Japanese compacts.

At dusk, they take over the road. Roaring and buzzing like locusts, the swarm of asphalt-scraping Japanese cars — with swooping rear wings and brightly colored logos — merges from the side streets of Uptown Manhattan onto the traffic-congested Henry Hudson Parkway. Zigzagging back and forth like jet-fueled go-carts, they slow to a stop, blocking off three lanes of oncoming cars in preparation for the infamous mile-long run.

A black Nissan 300ZX and a white Mitsubishi Starion pull out of the pack and creep up to the starting line. As the sun dances on the nearby river, the sound of honking horns and screaming drivers is drowned out by the sonic blast of the two engines revving for takeoff. A stocky Latino dude in a blinding yellow shirt stands in the middle of the highway and raises his hands. Both cars lurch and halt like chained pit bulls, their wheels spitting out black smoke. The hands drop.

Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate

Friday sucks, car sucks, so why not just listen to some Michael Kiwanuka.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Visionary Speech from 1986

Friday sucks so so why not start your morning off with some spoken words and listen to an inspiring Communist speech from 1986?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Blasters - So long baby goodbye

Traffic sucks, car blogs and sites suck, so listen to So Long Baby Goodbye by The Blasters.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

JDM Style?

JDM Style.


These two pink hieroglyphs are up to no good.

But then this is a Subaru, wink.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Quad FF DVD Set

Today I bought a quad DVD set of Fast and Furious.

Four disks with the first four movies plus lots of extra (at least the box says so), two languages - English and Russian - all for price of about 3 dead presidents.

Might watch. Some again, some for first time. 

Have plenty of DVDs at various homes still, several DVD players plus a couple generations of play stations which also play them. 

But am thinking now about setting one up in car on the cheap so as to watch and go.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gran Turismo 4 Racing Playlist

A Gran Turismo 4 racing playlist.

Gran Turismo Photo Dump: Gran Turismo 4 Racing Playlist: My racing playlist in Gran Turismo set to pictures from this very blog. This is the Shortest version. I have also the longer Shorter vers...

My racing playlist in Gran Turismo set to pictures from this very blog.

This is the Shortest version. I have also the longer Shorter version and the still longer Longer version of my Gran Turismo 4 racing playlist and might yet upload them too.

This is NOT the default racing playlist in GT4, just my favorites - in the shortest version.