Sunday, April 30, 2017 in Moscow: 40th Anniversary Lada 4x4

Three-week old news today - Lada launches a special 40th Anniversary Edition of the Lada 4x4 (formerly known as the Niva) here in Russia.

The press-release is here.

The quote is below but here's a recap:

Changes for this edition are cosmetic: 40th anniversary edition badges, special colors and color schemes, carpets, seat upholstery, etc. Basically the same car as 40 years ago.

Also, there's going to be special unique numbering from 0001 to 1977.

AVTOVAZ started the production of LADA 4x4 new edition. These cars have unique package dedicated to the off-road vehicle 40th anniversary. LADA 4x4 ''40th anniversary'' edition main features are new color schemes in interior and exterior trim and special labels with anniversary symbol.

A part of anniversary cars will be painted in camouflage. It is the first time for the factory. The spotted surface is created by a combination of three colors, which are light green, dark green and black. The bumpers metal surface of the camouflage cars is painted with black enamel. As for the other LADA 4x4 anniversary cars it has a body color: beige, red, white, terracotta and gray-blue. Camouflage LADA 4x4 cars are equipped with black cast wheels and the rest of the cars have two-color silver-black discs.

Special LADA 4x4 edition is emphasized with such interior elements as a bright red-orange instrument cluster, steering wheel cover made of eco-leather and sills made of stainless steel. Logo series reminds about an anniversary status. They are embroidered on rugs and put on seats upholstery. The seats upholstery is made of eco-leather with a combination of different colors, which are gray, black, beige and brown. The shades of the material are chosen in such a way to harmonize it with the body color. As for the camouflage machines, black seats with contrast stitching are provided.

An indispensable feature of the special edition is the original labels on the front fenders, tailgate and glovebox cover. Also, the unique serial number is displayed on the label from 0001 to 1977. This number means the year of LADA 4x4 production start and the number of cars in a limited series.

It is planned that LADA 4x4 anniversary edition will be available at dealers in June.

Video in Russian:

GAZ M-20 Pobeda

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NYC taxi photo: Taxicabs of Yesterday: 1899-2015

NYC taxi photo: Taxicabs of Yesterday: 1899-2015: In Chronological order from the earliest to the latest models retired from service. These pictures should represent a majority of the cabs N...

Quoting below.

Taxicabs of Yesterday: 1899-2015

In Chronological order from the earliest to the latest models retired from service. These pictures should represent a majority of the cabs New York City has had through the years.


1896-1899 Electrobat Cabs
A good source with this above picture is found at:

 NPR: timeline-the-100-year-history-of-the-electric-car

1922 Checker Model H
Film- Thoroughly Modern Millie
1926 Checker Model F
Film- Gold Diggers Of 1933

old fashined new york taxi
1929 General Motors Truck Corp.
Source- Flickr author: wukong 悟空 (Xuemin Guan)

1936 DeSoto Airstream
Source- Wired New York
1936 Buick Special
Film- The Phantom
1937 Pontiac Delux
Film- The Natural

Checker Cab
1936 Checker Y-8

New York Taxi - 1944
1944 Checker

What does Uber Mean???

ZIM GAZ-12 Limousine Walkaround

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BBC Website - Is the humble Lada now a classic car?

BBC Website - Is the humble Lada now a classic car?

An article on the BBC Website about the Lada which is to be commended.

However it still regurgitates a lot of BS claiming the Lada is on some dumb list of worst cars ever produced and other stuff not to mention the condescending British snotty tone.

Fact is the Lada - any Lada - is in many ways better than anything the British indigenous automotive industry (now deceased) ever managed to produce, not to mention that fact that British-designed cars always manage to end up looking a special kind of butt-ugly... well, in my opinion anyway.

1942 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen Typ 166 - Gran Turismo 5 Slideshow

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Musk Reusability

Elon Musk, such as he is, persists in his space re-usability folly.

Musk's Space X claims the they have now launched a rocket whose first stage was allegedly returned to earth during an earlier mission.

They are using their apparent "success" for propaganda purposes and also to fleece their lenders of more money, but there are things to consider first:

It apparently took Space X 11 months to just refurbish the allegedly pre-flown first stage and have the rocket ready. Which is probably longer than it takes to build a new rocket from scratch.

It is also probably as expensive if not actually more expensive than producing a brand-new first stage.

If Space X continues to spend years to refurbish their "pre-flown" rockets, their launches will be few and far between, that is, when they don't end in a fire ball like very recently.

Also, they have yet to send a manned vehicle into space. Not to mention returning one. And not to mention, alive.

Well, anyway, my reading is this whole Space X detour will end badly.

And finally every claim Musk makes is a big lie, and the bigger the lie the more believable.