Sunday, January 8, 2017

Car Stories: Zaporozhets ZAZ Cars

Here is another of my car stories, and the story is based on a couple of posts from my car spotting blog.

In fact, this time it's not just a story but a pictorial history of the ZAZ car - Zaporozhets, based on my pictures.

All Zaporozhets cars, except the very last one called Tavria and its variations, were small rear-engined, rear wheel drive cars, air-cooled.

1960 ZAZ 965, 1960-69, the first Zaporozhets (Zaporozhets is a local version of the Cossack in the Ukraine).

It's claimed as a ZAZ 965 and the fascia certainly corresponds.

Unusual color, though.

1962 ZAZ 965A, 1962-69

For some reason they are missing the side moldings like on this one.

1966 ZAZ 966, 1966-72

This one sports a fake grille -- being a rear engined air-cooled car it hardly needs any in front.

1972 ZAZ 968А, 1972-94

Seen many of these in real life.

I also liked their rear lights which were round and in the Space Age style looking rather like jet or rocket muzzles but none of the cars at the exhibition was positioned in such a way so as to allow taking a picture of the rear. So, I leave this Avtoexport advert of the same car here.

The ornament on the boot front (yes, the boot is in front) was known as a "mustache".

1979 ZAZ 968M, 1979-94

This one looks very handsome. The last air cooled model -- the last true Zaporozhets.

The head rests are after-market jobs, they could be installed (and removed when necessary) like a saddle on top of the seat back. 

1987 ZAZ 1102 Tavria, 1987-2007

Well, ZAZ, another car marque gone forever. 

Avtoexport ad

And here is another ZAZ 968M Zaporozhets.

The ZAZ-968M is the second (and last) generation of the ZAZ Zaporozhets rear-wheel drive air-cooled supermini car and the last model of the same.

As such, it is the last true Zaporozhets, i.e. air cooled and rear-wheel drive.

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